April 12, 2010

To My Few Faithful Followers,

I am sorry that I am failing miserably to keep up on the blog. Blogging is still new to me and although I could talk all day about crafts and design I am not a great writer and get writers block very easily. I have however been jotting down ideas and believe I can bring the blog back into life with style. I have a couple new themes to keep me on track with my writing:

Weekend Craft Update
Thrifty Thursdays
Favorite Photo of the Week
Book Reviews
Etsy Favorites

And of course I intend to keep sharing all my projects and patterns I'm working on. Now that my moebius scarf is done I'm starting a set of knitted felted bowls. I have yet to do a felting project since I was a kid so this will be a fun learning experience I hope to share with all you other first timers.

Thank you for your patience while I've been away from the blog. I hope I can make it up to you!

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