October 21, 2011

My First Out of Town Show...

So last weekend was my first out of town show, Cowtown Indie Bazaar, in Fort Worth, TX. It went pretty well. I guess I had somewhat higher expectations for an out of town show but it sounds like I did better then some. Everyone from Etsy Forth Worth was super nice though and I would probably go back next year.  

Cowtown was the start to my crazy busy fall! I probably won't be writing more then once or twice a week on the blog because I'm actually in the process of putting together a brand new website/blog for the shop. Along with fall shows every weekend, raising a 3 month old, and my mom visiting next week for the first time since we moved to TX my time is very limited right now. :) I also got into Blue Genie Art Bazaar which is super exciting and stressful at the same time. I have calculated I have exactly 4 weeks of working time to make mass amounts of product for the month long Christmas consignment sale.

Oh, I have also been writing blogs over at Austin Craft Riot to help out with the holiday show. Since I'm overseeing all the goodie bags for the show I'm going to post blogs featuring some of the fun stuff people have donated starting next week.  I will try to keep up with posting some of my new projects (both personal and shop related) along with recaps from shows here but if you need a fix head over to Austin Craft Riot.
This was my booth at Cowtown. I had lots of new stuff for this show including new screen print fabrics, clocks, license plate skulls and more. You can find more product pictures on my Facebook page
I also had mini, mini mustache pillows that everyone loved. I originally intended these to be heating pads because they are the perfect shape for your forehead or neck but I got bored so I stuffed them the night before the show.  As you can see my little helper was not much help. :)
On Friday after we setup we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. Everyone said that the Dallas Zoo is better but I was pretty impressed. Wade got up close and personal with a baby chimp who came bolting up to the window when he bent down. The weather was beautiful and I think Gabe just enjoyed all the colors and sounds.
Here are some of the goodies I traded for or won in the raffle while I was there. Lets just say I made out like a bandit!

upcycled clothing necklace by The Snootie Pig
vintage domino pendant by Maggie May I?
skull and cross bones dog lease by Lizziebees
 pirate tooth fairy box by Sima Design
recycled paper necklace by Make It Sick
notebook by Subtle Acts
soap and lotion by Clean Jellybean
notecard, print and love notes by Fifi Duvie
awesome owl painting by 3 Bears Studio

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Lianne said...

I got love notes from Fifi Duvie too! They were just too sweet.

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