July 22, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

As you know I went thrift shopping in Wimberly, TX on Tuesday. Well here are a few things that I found...

My first find was a huge piece of Samsonite luggage for $10! A little dirty on the outside but the inside is in great shape. I use my vintage luggage to store my fabrics and quilts in because they lay nice and flat.

A piece of antique glass turned lavender from sun exposure for $0.50. This one was a steal! I'm not very good at dating antique bottles, I just enjoy them, but according to the tips in my Martha Stewart bottle collecting articles this is a hand blown piece (no seams, the lines you see are actually hairline cracks) from the early 1800's. I just thought it was pretty and our bedroom is purple, teal and chocolate so it looks great on the window seal with my other finds!

This is a ceiling light I got for $1.50. Not sure if it works yet or not but I know how to re-wire lights so for $1.50 I couldn't pass this one up, its almost brand new! We are going to hang it in our dinning room to replace the hideous gold and cheap plastic one.

I also found four old hymn books for $0.50 a piece, filled with beautiful pages of music notes. I intend to make jewelry, paper garland and note cards (among other things) out of the pages. I always feel bad buying books I know I am going to cut up but I only buy the ones that are falling apart and leave the nicer ones for everyone else. These may look nice in the photo but they are literally in pieces. :)

I also came home with a huge bag of wine corks, some men's silk ties to make a clutch purse, another silver tray for $1, a glass spice jar for $.25 (I use them to store beads), and a handmade cotton scarf and soap from a local shop. Minus the scarf and soap all my thrifty finds were under $20 combined. It was a good day!

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