March 19, 2010


I apologize for not writing much this week but I have been slightly under the weather and lacking energy. However, I’m starting to feel better and would like to share a quick project with you. Recently, I set my mind to making a dog sweater for my Boston terrier, who loves to strut around in his outfits, out of scrap yarns I had left over from Christmas projects. I measured his neck, chest and back and just started a basic pattern from scratch. I couldn’t quite get the adding and subtracting stitches down so I just ended up with three pieces of strait knit that I wove together and added buttons for decoration. I was pretty proud of it and he seemed to like it too so I set out to find other dog outfits, cat toys and projects I could make with scrap yarns.

What I found was that Knitting Pattern Central and Crochet Pattern Central had already done the work for me! They have a ton of great dog and cat projects, many of which can be done with left over scraps.

A few of my favorites I found on their lists include:
Button Dog Sweater
Leafy Dog Sweater
Doggy Bones
Felted Mice
Martha’s Sharkey Sweater (you may have to create an account to view this pattern, however, I highly recommend it because Lion Brand has a ton of free knitting patterns available online as well as in craft stores)
Crochet Cat Bed

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