March 14, 2010

Simple Moebius Scarf

I’ve done a lot of basic scarves and cowls with knit and pearl stitches, cables, etc. but this is the first I’ve branched out and used a true knitting pattern. I find patterns are sometimes hard to read if you are not familiar with all of the terminology and abbreviations. Once I understood what this pattern was asking it was really easy. This pattern is used to create a continuous ring of knitting with a twist known as a Moebius scarf. It can be worn double-wrapped around the neck or around the neck and over the head. The pattern creates a series of eyelets that look very elegant with the lace weight yarn. However, I am used to working with heavy weight yarns and find the lace yarn a little harder to work with because it separates. As you can see from the photo I’m not quite done with the project but I’m very excited about how it’s turning out and would like to share the pattern with everyone. Feel free to join me in making a Moebius scarf or share other similar projects you’ve done.

What you need:
70-141 grams of 2.5-5oz lace weight yarn
10-1/2 US/6.5mm needles

To start you will case on 40 stitches with an invisible cast on. I was not familiar with an invisible cast on but found a great video at You work the pattern below to the desired length (26” recommended for standard length or 50” for longer length to double wrap). When complete you will work the loose needle back into the invisible cast on stitches so that the point is facing in the opposite direction of the needing you left the finial row on. Remove the holding yarn. Bring the two needle points together, creating a twist in the scarf, and weave a seamless join. To make sure the pattern is seamless, finish on row 8.

Rows 1, 2, 3: k to last 2 sts, bring yarn forward and slip last 2 sts purwise.
Row 4: k5, yo, k2tog, *k4 sts, yo, k2tog and repeat from * until you have 3 sts remaining, k1, bring yarn forward and slip last 2 stitches purlwise.
Rows 5, 6, 7: same as row 1-3.
Row 8: k8, yo, k2tog, *k4 sts, yo, k2tog and repeat from * until you have 6 sts remaining, k4, bring yarn forward and slip last 2 stitches purlwise.

K = knit
Sts = stitches
yo=yarn over/bring yarn forward
k2tog = knit two stitches together

Enjoy and Have Fun!!

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