March 29, 2010


In continuing my research on Scraps to Treasure projects I found a bunch of great patterns, blogs and resources I’d like to share.

A lot of these patterns came from research Vicki of Simple Knits had done so please visit her site at and leave her a comment or two for all her hard work! She has a great blog that I now follow and am sure to read frequently.

For Fun:
Felted Fortune Cookies
Pocket Creatures
Fuzzy Lamb Toy (we raised lambs as a kid so I had to include this)

Fruits & Flowers:
Knitted Laurel Leaf
Felted Mushrooms
Knitted Strawberry

Crochet Cluster Flower (for larger projects)
Lavender Scented Heart Sachet
Felted Bowl
Colorful Dish Rags (saves you money!):
Dish Rag (1)
Dish Rag (2)
Oven Mitt & Pot Holder
Java Cozy (if you don’t use a to-go mug, at least save on all those paper sleeves with a stylish knitted cozy!):
Beer Cozy

Global Warming Mittens

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