June 14, 2010


Well, my first booth at the Artisan Market on South Congress here in Austin didn't go as well as planned. I was told it was the slowest Saturday of the season so far and I believe it was due to the 90+ degree heat we had. I was one of only three booths in my area that made any sales and I barely made enough to cover my fees. It was also very windy and I wasn't able to set up some of my displays as planned. It was still a great experience. I met some nice people; got a lot of compliments on my booth; and gave out quite a few business cards. I believe the money and time was worth its gold in marketing even if I didn't make a lot of sales. Depending on the weather I'm definitely going back this weekend to give it another shot. This week I'm working on a few new projects I didn't get done last week including some scrap fabric sign banners and a picnic silverware/napkin set made out of tin cans. I'm also hoping to get some of the new items I have photographed and up on Etsy.

Here are a few photos of my stuff from the fair. Enjoy!

My Sign & Paper Goods
(I'm going to redo the sign with color and better lettering for next week. I felt rushed to get setup and ran out of time.)

Garden Spoon Makers

Bottle Cap Magnet Display

Bottle Cap Pendants & Longhorn Charm Necklaces

I didn't get a great picture of this at the fair but I wanted to show you my display tree I made with a pieces of scrap metal and a dead branch from our front yard. Its about 24" tall and it worked great to display my license plate garden decor and two small wind chimes I had.

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