May 20, 2010


New Home Office, originally uploaded by TypeFiend.

When I first saw this space I wasn't sure if I liked it but now I really do. The simplicity of the white furniture and bold colors used very strategically make the space appear bigger than it is. This room is from Greggory Han of Silver Lake, CA. You can see before pictures and get the whole scoop at Unplugged.

No matter how big or small your space there are 6 essential items I've determined are necessary to make a creative workspace....

1. A functional desk: What type of desk you get is always determined first, by how much room you have in your space and second, what type of activities you will be doing (i.e. computer, crafts, sewing). Third, find a desk that fits who you are because it will be the center of your creative space.

2. A comfy chair: Always get a comfortable chair! Most likely you’ll be sitting in it for hours and you don’t want a sore back from scrapbooking. Also, if you have the space for guest seating take it as an opportunity to get creative with colorful upholstery or pillows. It will make your space feel more relaxed.

3. Appropriate task lighting: Chances are your ceiling light is not efficient lighting for crafting. Consider getting a desk light, table lamp or drop ceiling pendants. If you have different activities within your space you may need more than one type of lighting.

4. A place to display ideas: Every creative workspace must have a place to display ideas, notes or photos for inspiration. Bulletin boards are easy to personalize with a little paint, fabric, ribbon and tacks.

5. Organized supplies: Whether its scrapbook paper, fabric, jewelry supplies or business receipts it all has to be organized. An organized space is a creative space! It’s hard to feel inspired when you’re overwhelmed with a mess and can’t find anything. You can use anything from rubbermaids to shelving; glass jars to vintage tins and lots, lots more.

6. Personal inspiration: Once you have everything else don’t forget to add a few family photos, vacation pictures, your favorite knick-knack, books or magazine clippings for inspiration. These are the things that motivate you to be creative in the first place.

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