May 20, 2010


As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing”. Vintage tins and trays are a very good thing for office storage, or any kind of storage for that matter. They are colorful, fun and easy to find at any yard sale, thrift store or second hand shop. You can store just about anything in a tin container and tin trays can be hung on the wall as decoration or used as a message board with magnets. I have a couple newer Swedish cookie tins, English tea tins and some old trays that I use in my office. I love the bright colors and details.

Thrifty Tip: Do your research. If you are looking for something specific like vintage English or Swedish tins get online and do your research ahead of time so you know what to expect for price. Also, know what the signatures and symbols are for originals verses replicas. For example, Daher English tea and biscuit tins are stamped on the bottom with the company name and ‘made in England’. That way if you come across a great vintage tin at a yard sale for cheap you’ll know it’s a steal!

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