May 12, 2010


I love these little birdies! They make a great spring craft project for everyone and anyone. These Spool Birdies can be used to create all kinds of fun things including scented sachets, cat toys, kid’s toys, ornaments, gifts, and a birdie mobile for your living room, garden, kid’s room and more. You can customize them with different colored fabrics, eyes, and ribbons. You can even stitch a friend’s name into a cute birdie and use it to decorate a birthday or wedding present.

Here's how to get started:
1. Click on the link below and print off your birdie pattern. If you wish to make different size birdies you can use a photocopier to enlarge or shrink the pattern.

2. Cut out your birdie pattern.

3. Gather all your different color scrap fabrics left over from other projects (remember you can always borrow or trade with a friend) and get sewing!

4. When you’re done sewing your colorful birdies don’t forget to add an embellishment (button/bead eyes, ribbon, stitched heart, etc) to give your birdie even more character.

For more in inspiration visit Spool Birdie Softies at Flickr.

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