May 18, 2010


I loved it! It was a long Saturday and a little overwhelming but it always can be with these kind of events. Coming from a small town in Idaho we don’t get many big craft fairs and when I would visit a fair it was usually a bunch of crafty old women with country décor and baked goods. This was not country crafts! It was a very young, very modern group of artists and craft fans. I was impressed with the variety of products and shops that were there, and there were a lot of them. Many of my favorite sellers from Etsy were in attendance along with some amazing local artists. There was everything you would expect to find at an indie craft fair: screen print T’s and posters, unique ceramics, jewelry, letterpress cards, printed pillows and home décor, hand sewn bags, buttons, clothes and more. This year’s Renegade mascot was an owl and a theme reviled itself as you walked the isles of the Palmer Event Center. I wasn’t there to shop but I ended up taking a few things home from some of my favorite Etsy sellers in support.
Stuff I picked up at the fair:
1- ‘You and me are awesome’ poster, unknown! I lost a few business cards and I’m terribly sorry I did because I really liked these guys and would like to give them credit.
2- Tree print, Laura Berger Art & Illustration,
3- ‘It’s not that far, really’ 5x7 card, Rar Rar Press,
4 - Letterpress cards, Letterpress Delicacies,

The main reason I attended the Renegade Craft Fair was to scope out how the professionals set up their booths and present their products. I’ve done a few craft fairs back home with my future mother-in-law but it was nothing compared to some of the beautiful setups I saw this weekend. A couple common themes were vintage display cases, luggage, furniture or crates to house products; and colorful banners and fabrics with shop names or Etsy store info. These are things I’m going to take into consideration over the next couple weeks as I prepare to set up my own craft table at our local Artisans Market on South Congress. Here are a few photos from my favorite shops and artists…

Pictures starting left to right and down:
1- Mary Ink,
2- Laura Berger Art & Illustration,
3- *Letterpress Delicacies,
4- Circa Ceramics,
5&7- *A Wahl Designs,
6- Smug Mug,
8- Clay Wood & Cotton,
* Austin Locals

If your anywhere near one of these major cities I would definitely check this craft fair out: Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brooklyn. Its free and a great place to find unique handmade gifts, home decor, jewelry and clothes. You can find more information at

You can see all of my pictures from the craft fair at My Flickr. Enjoy!

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