May 22, 2010


As I mentioned earlier this week, I haven’t actually worked much in my office since moving here because it’s a small space, usually cluttered with projects, and I haven’t felt overly inspired to be in there. So, I’ve been slowly fixing it up. I have a new color pallet in mind and an overall look I want to achieve down the road. Right now we are renting since we recently relocated half way across the country so I share our office with my boyfriend and the cat. Eventually I imagine having a whole room of crafting heaven to myself when we buy a house down the road. For now I am enjoying the challenge of making the small space work.

My workspace is filled with thrift store finds, found objects and collections including the organizer display below for $0.25. I believe it is intended for bathroom hand towels but it works great for organizing my ribbon and jewelry wire. All of my furniture was second hand including my desk, chair and old rickety storage cabinet my mom gave me years ago. I also have collections of Eiffel towers given to me from my family, old keys, vintage buttons and more.

I have a very neutral, mix-matched pallet in my space right now and I am trying to brighten up with some color. Eventually when I have my own room I would like to paint the walls aqua blue with black and antique white as neutrals, touches of chartreuse green and pops of red. You can see swatches of the new colors on my bulletin board below. I love this color pallet because it’s very modern and feminine at the same time. It will also look great with the mix of vintage pieces I have and the modern black frames of our family portrait wall. So with all that in mind I’ve been collecting a few new things here and there including new fabric to update my bulletin board, a WWII reproduction print ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ from sfgirlbybay on Etsy, and some new storage pieces.

The other half of our shared office is taken up by an Ikea corner desk and three large shelves displaying all our beautiful books. My boyfriend is a writer and I have a fond love for interior design, architecture, travel and feng shui books. I also have a hundred magazines from Dwell, Vogue, Home & Garden, Domino, etc. that I can’t bear to throw out. In addition to displaying our books the shelves give me a means to show off my collection of found objects and treasured gifts.

As I make progress I will post photos of my new space. For now you can see more pictures and read more details about my workroom and treasures at Flickr.

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