May 3, 2010


This weekend I finished planting my seedlings outside. I am hoping they will grow big like the basil I planted a few weeks ago before it gets too hot. My weekend project I completed was a barn wood planter for herbs I made out of scraps left over from another project, a bookshelf. I also had some spare wheels from an old project that I reclaimed and used so I could move the planter around once it was filled with dirt. Before I filled it I sealed the inside and out with an orange furniture wax that will help prolong the life of the wood from water and weather. The wax also helped to intensify the red and other colors present in the old barn wood. This particular barn wood came from our family back in Idaho so it will be an enjoyable greeting in the mornings when I have my coffee on the patio. I hope that it will soon fill with lovely herbs and flowery scents.

The matching bookshelf in the entrance:

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