July 28, 2011

R&R Design Vintage Game Collection

As you well know by now I love shopping at second hand stores, yard sales, thrift stores and anywhere there's a good bargain. I started finding and collecting fun old games from when I was kid and realized what fun jewelry the old game pieces would make. I now have a popular collection of jewelry made of vintage game pieces including monopoly, jacks, scrabble tile, dominoes, checkers, and poker chips. A select number of these pieces are available online at R&R Design and at my consignment locations including Atown and Sanctuary; all of them can be found in person at upcoming shows.

Because I don't want to be wasteful I'm also working on new ideas to do with all the game boards, cards and extra pieces I don't use to make jewelry. Some ideas include: sketch books and coasters made from the game boards and boxes, party packs with streamers and cupcake toppers, and wall art.

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