July 7, 2011

Thrify Thursday: Vintage Luggage

I LOVE vintage luggage! I have at least eight pieces in my current collection and I always have my eye open for more. I use them in my shop for displays, I use them to store quilts, supplies, and more all over my home. This fun set came to me as a gift all the way from Idaho and like most thrifty finds they were a little dirty and in need of some loving care.

I usually try and keep the integrity of the original piece in tack but in the case of the small travel case I thought it necessary to replace the lining. I would normally replace it with a vintage fabric in a fun pattern but I decided I'd try a little mod podge with old maps. After I removed the old lining and cleaned up the piece I simply tore out familiar sections from different maps of the northwest (seemed suitable since the luggage came from my home in Idaho) and layered them with glue along the bottom and sides of the interior. After everything dried I went back and put a layer of mod podge over all the maps for a nice finish.

I can't be more pleased with how it turned out! I enjoyed the look of the old maps so much that I took one of the larger pieces of luggage that had the silk coming apart in the lid and replaced it with a map collage as well. I now use the matching set as displays for my products at markets and shows.

Thrifty Tip: I have never paid more than $12 for a piece of vintage luggage including my HUGE leather Samsonite that's in great condition. You can find lots of beautiful pieces in antique stores on a regular basis but I recommend sticking to second hand stores and flea markets. It may take a little longer to find what your looking for but its way more fun and gratifying when you find that perfect piece for under $20.

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